Can we get a "blatantly off-topic" primary close reason? Do we have any free slots left and if not, could we replace the driving techniques reason?

If you take a look at the close stats (requires > 2k rep I think), for the last 90 days we've got:

  • 42 too broad
  • 37 unclear
  • 29 duplicate
  • 10 custom reasons stating "not about motor vehicle maintenance & repair" (I counted.)
  • 8 price-shopping
  • 2 opinion based
  • 2 belongs on a different site
  • 1 driving techniques

Those 10 "not about MV M&R" reasons could be maybe 12-13 depending on how you count, I just counted ones that very explicitly said that.

This means that blatantly off-topic is actually our 4th most popular close reason, at least in the last 90 days, while driving techniques comes dead last.

So I think this is a good case for adding the off-topic reason. I don't see a problem with leaving the driving techniques reason except if it is taking up the only remaining reason slot - the driving technique thing could easily fall under "blatantly off-topic" or be served by custom reasons.

Current stats page at the time of this post:

enter image description here

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    Lol, actually, "voting to close as off-topic because of what Moab said" ties with driving techniques.
    – Jason C
    Aug 11, 2016 at 18:14


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