We've had a few questions on legislation based issues, such as this recent one:


I tend to mark them as off-topic, as they are very localised, and not really about maintenance and repair, but I was wondering what other people thought?

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It should depend on the nature of the question.

If a question is purely about the law, then yes it is off-topic for not being about maintenance and repair.

However, if someone is restoring a vehicle then, to pass the annual safety & emissions tests it must comply with those laws in force at the time of its manufacture. At least, this is true in those jurisdictions that I know of.
So a question like Do I need seat belts in the back seat of my 1967 Ford Cortina? or Should I fit chrome or rubber bumpers to my 1976 MGB GT? should be on topic.

The catch is that such questions must state all relevant information, including the intended area of use. This is likely to rule out a lot of questions if the poster doesn't word them carefully.

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