Since this site is one where many questions will likely have at least three tags (make, model, part) to begin with, I think it is important to narrow down early which overly-common tags should not be used. This will help avoid hitting the five-tag cap too often, and also make the site look cleaner.

As a starter, I would suggest that and tags are redundant of the expressed nature of this site, and should not be used. There are not currently any tags out there, but there's a total of six tags including one which is mis-spelled as .

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I would call those redundant tags, as I discussed here: Tags are for categorization.

Remove Redundant Tags — Redundant tags are those that are already implied by the site topic of the site. There's simply no value to tags like [repair], [help], [engine], etc. Even tags like [car] and [truck] are going to have limited value. Efforts to coarsely sub-divide the site like that will fail. Tags are not meant (nor well-suited) for the task of dividing the entire site into large swaths for the purpose of participating in (or ignoring) a broad subject site-wide.


I agree about the redundancy although I think that maintenance can refer to routine auto matters and repair for issues that don't come up on a schedule.

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