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Kaz Wolfe

Hello. You showed up in my review queue. You will be reviewed and re-tagged if necessary. Failure to comply may result in harm.

Yes, I am a wolf. Awoo.

IT director for a warehousing company, doing networking, systems, and support. My languages of choice are Java and Python. One of the six people who actually like MongoDB. Self-declared cybersecurity expert.

If you need me, swing by the AskUbuntu General Room or contact me on Discord. If you want to talk to me over e-mail for some reason, shoot a message to the below listed address. Please don't spam me.

Notable Achievements

  • Wrote WolfBot. And abandoned it. And then went back to working on it. And then archived it to go work on Discord chatbots
  • Played video games
  • Managed to nuke an entire Linux install, live. And then fix it, live.
  • Reddit.
  • Operate DIY Tech, a partnered Discord server.
  • Honestly not much. I'm pretty boring.

Contact Information

PGP Key: 2588 13F5 3A16 EBB4 (Keybase Enabled)
Discord: KazWolfe#2896
E-mail: (username)@linux.com

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