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Delay between close vote and review queue appearance

So to support the goal of waiting a bit to close questions, and under the assumption that once questions end up in the review queue they get closed quickly, I had made this feature request on MSE. As ...
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How soon should I "vote to close" a question?

I am reproducing this post from MSE here, because I think it is a valuable and relevant topic. Of course we can make our own policies and have our own values here, but I do think this is worth posting:...
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5 votes
2 answers

How did this good question even get into the close queue?

This question seems perfectly worded and clear, and has not been edited at all which suggests it has had no issues from when it was first asked, and it has no downvotes. Why has it been sent to the ...
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Close vote reasons

When voting to close a question, you can add a custom reason, or use one of these: Questions seeking price-shopping assistance are off-topic because they tend to become obsolete quickly. Instead, ...
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Votes to Close a Question

I am able to vote to close my own questions where appropriate and I have 24 votes remaining at the moment. 24 seems like an odd number (though quite generous) to start with but I guess its just 25 ...
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