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Is this question on-topic?

How do I find the width of a car? has one close vote against it for being off topic. However I feel as it's on topic, as the dimensions of a vehicle are quite an important statistic (will it fit in ...
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Are electric cars on topic here?

We've determined that small engines are on topic. Also, that Remote Control cars are off topic. However, with the advent of the Tesla, the Ford Focus Electric, the Chevrolet Volt, etc., one has to ...
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3 votes
3 answers

Is a question about car design and associated regulations off-topic?

I have a question about the rationales of some car dashboard design. Is this on topic? I saw that there is a tag for dashboard and for car-design, which would nicely match my question. The question ...
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Would questions about car washing or detailing be on-topic?

As the title. I took a look at the tags and didn't see one for it that I could find. While washing motor vehicles does tend to be a bit more unique than washing other things, it's not really dealing ...
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What are the specific guidelines in this forum for automotive marketing / sales content?

This topic was sparked by this posting: Is RAV4 SE higher trim than RAV4 XLE? It's been suggested that This question does not appear to be about motor vehicle maintenance or repair within the ...
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