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Apache tag used for two different vechicles

The tag wiki of apache tag states that, The Chevrolet Apache model is a truck which was released in 1958 However among the two questions in the tag, one question points to the Chevrolet Apache ...
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Consolidate light and lights tags?

I was looking at a recent question which was migrated from another Stack. The question had to do with LED lights. While looking to retag it, I noticed there is a light and a lights tags. This seems ...
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Redundantly tagging engine theory questions with the "engine" tag

Looking back, it seems a bit silly that we've tagged a lot of the engine-theory questions with an engine tag as well. At the moment there are 96 out of 157 questions affected by this. I'm going to ...
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Burninate the Manual tag

The manual tag is currently a duplicate of manual-transmission, however, manual could be easily confused with service-manual, so I think we should get rid of manual, and replace it with the ...
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Disambiguate the Seat tag

There are currently 11 questions tagged seat, a tag which has no wiki. Of these, 8 are about the things you sit on in a vehicle and 3 are about models from the Spanish manufacturer. We do have model-...
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Air-Filter Tag Used for Air and Cabin Filters

The air-filter is being used for both air filters and for cabin filters. My suggestion is to create the second tag for the cabin air filter as cabin-filter and separate out the questions into their ...
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missing retag option [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Why Can I Edit One Question But Not Another? I have a rep of 637 and I have the ability to retag some questions but not others. I can see retag on Turn signal clicks randomly ...
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