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How do unanswered questions on meta effect the site?

I'm wondering if unanswered questions in meta effect the overall site ranking on percentage of questions answered. I know the current ranking is sub 90% and that's not good, we need to get it higher. ...
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BUG: Unable to flag question as a duplicate, selection code has issues

When trying to flag a question as a duplicate I followed the choices of radio selections to the end but it won't post the flag. It only deselects the radio select and puts a small red rectangle on ...
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12 votes
2 answers

Is tractor maintenance on-topic?

There's a related meta question (Are small engines on topic?), but that's more about small engines. How about questions on maintenance of compact tractors (not lawn tractors -- I'm thinking about >20-...
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Regarding off-topic questions and the divide between "mechanics" and "motor vehicles."

There have been a lot of questions regarding "Are XYZ questions on-topic for this site?" When this beta first started, the sub-domain was "garage" and now it's "mechanics." A bicycle mechanic ...
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