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What a warm welcome this user got :(

Please remember to give new users a little time and encourgment when they don't put enough information in the post. I know we need more information to help but honestly if I was this person I'm not ...
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5 answers

Why are we so mean to new users?

We all want the community to grow right? Then why are we mean to new users? They need guidance not snarky comments or piling on to close their questions as unclear what your asking or too broad ...
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13 votes
3 answers

:::rolls down window::: pardon me, can you help me find

I hate to post this here, since it's not about MV's, but the very helpful Paulster2 said there were helpful people here and such and I honestly have looked in dozens of other places for an answer 🕵🏻....
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Helping our new users make the transition

mechanics.SE is not a forum It's Q&A. Not Q&Q. Nor Q&Commentary. Nor Q&Chit-Chat. The seasoned SE veterans understand the rules, but the new users don't and we ought to help them ...
7 votes
2 answers

Comment privileges for new user

Ever so often answers by new users turn up that are not really answers at all and would be better suited for comments. I've, on several occasions, commented on such answers to let them know this not ...
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Should the FAQ for this Site Contain Extra Information to Help Guide New Users?

Since this site is not designed specifically for programmers, we're likely to get many new users who are not as computer or tech-savvy as the user-base we would typically see lurking in one of the ...
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