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Is it possible to have a not have a "do not bump to the homepage" buttton?

Is it possible to have a not have a "do not bump to the homepage" buttton in the editing interface? Sometimes one edits a post simply to improve grammar in a minor way that does not change the ...
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3 answers

Should I approve trivial edits?

Every once in a while when I go to review, I am prompted with edits that seem to be made just for the sake of editing, such that they fix simple typos but do nothing for the clarity or content. ...
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Edit cursing out of a question

I recently edited this question, taking what I assume is a universally accepted form of "cursing" out of the question and converting it to a version more commonly accepted in civilized discourse. My ...
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Why was this edit approved?

This edit seems to add nothing to the question, but it was approved by community. Why was it approved?
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What's the policy on editing at this site?

I'm new to this great site. I know very little about cars, so I probably won't contribute much other than voting and editing, at least in the beginning. The sites where I spend the most time are ...
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Is "pinking" a typo or a valid alternative to "pinging" or "knocking"?

I've seen several answers now that refer to "pinking" in what can only be a detonation context. I've heard of knocking referred to as "pinging," but never "pinking." So is this a typo that should be ...
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Should I leave a question open that I have just edited?

I have just edited this question: Buying an eight-year-old car with very low mileage?, as it has several close votes, to try and make it more specific. However, the edit has not been approved yet, ...
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