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Why was my question closed? Not all "shopping" questions are the same

I asked my very first Mechanics SO question today ...and it was closed very quickly. It is frustrating to see that the same bad habits that are being fought by the StackOverflow since last year are ...
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Appeal to reopen a question

I've asked this question asking for hard data on comparison between all seasons and winter tires. I've received some feedback from the moderator about it being to general and I've addressed these ...
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New Question is a rewording of a question on Hold

Aight, this new user asked this question, and it was put on hold as it related to driving technique. Now, the same user posted this new question, which is his original question reworded to be in-...
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Announcing the Close Vote Café

Backdrop We get a lot of questions where the OP leaves much to be desired in terms of further information or clarification. In the hope that the OP gets back with further information the question ...
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Should I leave a question open that I have just edited?

I have just edited this question: Buying an eight-year-old car with very low mileage?, as it has several close votes, to try and make it more specific. However, the edit has not been approved yet, ...
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So, one of these questions is a shopping question, but the other one isn't?

I see this question was asked yesterday and received plenty of upvotes and answers, and that's fine with me it's a relevant question. However, I asked this question and it was closed as open-ended an ...
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Are questions about the car's interior right for this site?

I'm having a hard time understanding why one of my questions is closed Question can be found at Remove smell / odor from car's interior As I mentioned in my comments, Vehicle Maintenance and ...
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Why is key tracking a bad question?

I understand that this site is mainly dedicate to car care and maintenance, however my question was closed as off-topic. Losing keys, I feel is a on topic problem but apparently the comment thinks ...