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Suspended from chat?

How did I suspended from chatting? Can I have it removed? I have never really used chat and have done nothing to loose the privilege?
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Announcing the Close Vote Café

Backdrop We get a lot of questions where the OP leaves much to be desired in terms of further information or clarification. In the hope that the OP gets back with further information the question ...
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3 answers

Chat room name suggestions for general discussion

When I have the main site open in one tab and the general discussion chat open in another. I can't tell them apart from the browser tab title. As you can see in the screenshot, I can't tell the ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Chat event to liven up chat?

Our chat room is pretty empty, how about a chat event of some sort to get people interested, maybe pick up a couple regulars?
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Site title in chat's footer is impossible to read

Bottom right corner of chat reads: The link is slightly hard to click and impossible to read. Could use a linebreak, obviously. For reference, Cog Sci's footer link looks like this: The header in ...
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Name Our Chat Room [duplicate]

Soon enough, I'm sure this site will have a chat room made somewhere by someone. What should it be called? EDIT: Looks like we already do. Still, anyone want to suggest a rename?
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