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When is it appropriate to fork a question based on new information?

In Is an exhaust pipe broken at engine connection fixable by a DIYer? I first asked if a certain repair is fixable by a DIYer and described my level of experience. After getting 5 great answers ...
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I want to crowd-source data on MAF readings at idle. Should I make the request on the main site, meta or in chat?

I think it would be possible to answer a question like this if sufficient data was collected about various vehicles: Is there a rule of thumb for estimating volumetric efficiency? I am quite ...
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Are electronic vehicle accessories questions on topic?

Question If I ask a question about an electronic vehicle accessory would the question be on topic? Example Question How do I open an app with the Kinivo BTC455 Bluetooth adapter?* Example car ...
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Should we have a field for specifying your vehicle when asking a question

In the short time its been since I've joined this site its been great! One thing I've noticed is that there are a lot of questions where the user neglects to specify their vehicle, wherein another ...
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Let's make a question template for repair-quote consultation

Motivation Many moons ago, I took my vehicle to the dealership to diagnose an electrical gremlin. They recommended a rather expensive repair - replace the fuel pump - which did not fix the issue at ...
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Why is key tracking a bad question?

I understand that this site is mainly dedicate to car care and maintenance, however my question was closed as off-topic. Losing keys, I feel is a on topic problem but apparently the comment thinks ...