Motor Vehicle Maintenance and Repair

  • Thoughts on adding the following tag?
    • Custom :: Perfect way to catagorize "Performance" or "Modifications" it can be added to a tag list with Engine / Audio / Suspension / Body Work..

That tag sounds too broad. I look to the tags to indicate "all of these questions are like the others in the same set." If I clicked the custom tag, what set of questions would I see? Everything about custom bodywork combined with custom audio combined with custom upholstery stitching?

Looking at it another way: which of these are custom?

  1. I replaced my shocks with OEM equivalents but not identical parts.
  2. I replaced my axle-back exhaust with a stainless steel equivalent part.
  3. I retuned my ECU but left all original equipment in place.
  4. I replaced my up-pipe with a free-er flowing unit.
  5. I replaced my tires with a different brand of all-weathers.

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