While asking my first ever question on this site (What advances in material technology, have made serpentine belts last longer?), I noticed that had about 35 questions, and had only 5. I therefore used instead of .

Then I looked at the tag (which didn't even have usage guidance) and 100% of the questions were on-topic at , so I suggested 5 edits (switching serpentine to the more popular and more descriptive tag), and now I suggest making these two tag synonyms, so that this doesn't happen again. Does anyone disagree?

Mods: please forgive me for mentioning this also in a flag. It turns out I can't post on Meta for 40 minutes after posting on Main, due to my very low rep.

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    I don't disagree and appreciate the catch ... since you are a regular on SE, I'm thinking it's all good and you know how things roll. I'll see about getting it cleaned up! Thanks for mentioning! Jun 30, 2021 at 1:33

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I cleaned up all the tags. I'll create a tag synonym to ensure it doesn't happen anymore.

Note: Done

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