Are Tools related questions off topic? I think there are varying levels of tool questions and some will be suitable and some won't be. The original question I was going to ask, but thought twice about was:

What size air compressor (HP, Tank Size, CFM, etc) would be suitable for a home garage where I'm going to do small amounts of maintenance but nothing major? i.e. I would need to be able to use a tyre inflator and a rattle gun, I'd like to be able to do small amounts of spray painting but I don't plan to respray an entire car.

It's not directly related to Maintenance and Repair and isn't directly related to a maintenance/repair question, it could be a little subjective so I was unsure. Compared with a question like:

What tools will I require to change the front pads and bleed the brakes on a 1977 XC Ford Falcon?

(which I personally think is on topic, but I don't know for sure)

Is there guidance on this somewhere that I haven't come across?
Any Thoughts?

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    Agree with Jeff, post the question about the compressor, there are several things that go into the decision on what to buy. Jun 6, 2011 at 16:46

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So long as the tools questions are in the context of motor vehicles -- either specifically for working on motor vehicles, or for some specific repair situation involving a motor vehicle -- I personally think it's OK.

If it degenerates into general tools questions with no specific tie to repairing a car, motorcycle, or truck .. that'd be less acceptable.


Both of those questions are on-topic and answerable. For example, your first question doesn't sound like a compressor that's going to drive serious air-tools. The second one is also answerable with a straight list of parts.

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